Cookies n' Ice Cream Duo
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An awesome bundle at a great deal! Choose a total of 8 cookies and one biggie ice cream tub of your choice and enjoy creating ice cream sandwiches with your friends and family! Leave your choices in the notes section. For the cookies, choose from the following flavors, Red Velvet Oreo Secret, Sea Salt, Reese' Peanut Butter, Chewy Choco Vegan Cookies, Brown Suga' Babe, Choco Chunk Espresso Cookies or Vegan Choco Chunk Espresso Cookies. For the ice cream, choose from the following flavors, Red Velvet Oreo, White Velvet Party, Lotuslicious, Pistach-yo!, NKD Strawberry, Vegan NKD Strawberry or Vegan Brownie Mess!
Allergy Info Gluten, eggs, dairy, lactose