Our Passion

Desserts come in so many different shapes, tastes, textures, mixes and endless yummy concoctions and SugarMoo was created to celebrate all that makes desserts lovable but with a unique twist! The brain child of hotelier Raki Phillips and engineer Jawad Yehia who became close friends from their freshman year in University discovered their true love for everything sweet.  The desire to have delicious non-traditional desserts with a fun playful spin on home style favorites delivered right at your doorstep inspired them to create what they call their “passion venture”. With that in mind Raki dropped his aged hotel name tag and Jawad decided to turn his old hard hat for a soft white one so they can explore the decadent world of SugarMoo Desserts!.


Mission:  To have our guests experience the sweeter side of life with deliciously remarkable desserts in an atmosphere that is flirty and fun

Vision: To be a recognized trendsetter in the industry with a creative & fun sweet edge both on a digital online presence and with their taste buds

Goal: To provide happiness and joy through food, quality and service

Promise: To only serve the finest quality ingredients from the most reputable suppliers and be a vital part of the community we live in


When you take a bite of one of our desserts here are some emotions you may feel:

A unique new concept that engages your senses sweetens your pallet and enlivens your soul with its divine ambiance… 

A concoction of pleasurable delights that infuse your inner passion and drive your untamed cravings wild… 

A transformation from the ordinary to the surprising with an essence of striking charm and seductiveness… 

Simply put… A SugarMoo Pleasure!

Our SugarMoo Foundation in Dubai

Part proceeds from our desserts will be donated to our SugarMoo foundation which focuses on four key charitable pillars:

Health: Cancer prevention charity partnership with ForBob.org that helps find a cure to Pancreatic Cancer

Community: Focused on Dubai and to improve the city with Habitat for Humanity UAE and Adopt a Camp that helps labor camp workers

Children: Focused on kids charities such as Make a Wish Foundation

Education: Drive awareness to make sure everyone has access to an education and partner with the Dubai Cares charity

Interested in donating or being involved in our charities, we’d love your support so email us at info@sugarmoo.com.