Refund / Return:

Your order is final and it is non refundable in any circumstances. Once we start processing your order, you cannot cancel it. Subject to the terms and conditions, no product shall be returned and claimed for refund. There are few exceptions where you can claim for return or refund. However, the final decision will be made at our discretion.Notwithstanding to anything mentioned in Terms of Sales, we will refund you the amount either through redeemable credit vouchers or send money to the bank account through which the payment is made. Online Refund is paid directly through the same mode of payment from which customer has paid the money within 24 working hours. We are not responsible to repay for any damages claimed under the following circumstances:

  • Fruits, sweets, cakes and chocolates or otherwise where the ordered products are preserved items and delivered to the wrong address provided by the sender.
  • Unsuccessful deliveries due to recipient not present at the time of delivering the order at the address provided by the sender.
  • Damages to the quality or quantity of product due to incorrect delivery or multiple deliveries to the address provided by the sender until.
  • Damages or quality concerns that may arise due to improper handling of the product by the recipient.
  • We do not engage or encourage any communication that may arise in case of exchange of products ordered unless otherwise the process of the product is commenced.